I want to thank you guys so much for tonight and the great classes that preceded it.

But I’m still shaking.
This is new ground, standing in front of faces. Breathtakingly scary.
I was trying to describe how I fell into a black hole the moment I forgot a piece of my story.

”It was so scary, David,” I said. “Beyond belief. Scarier than MS.”

Can you imagine?
And for some reason, that lifted my spirits.

I am invincible, John.
Thanks again.
— Diana
What a truly enlightening evening last night. I would definitely enjoy getting involved in more gatherings with the Story Telling Circle.
— Suzi
John and Lisa, you made the endeavor of shaping and telling a story in front of others a welcoming event instead of a scary one. Part of the fun, as you work on your own story, is watching others turn their tales into little gems, with good tips and encouragement from John. And the camaraderie during the sessions really makes everyone feel they can face an audience — and shine.

’Twas a challenging and wonderful experience. A big thank you to you both.
— Susan
As cliché as it sounds, taking this course was on my bucket list and changed my life. John is a master at teaching a fledgling storyteller how to take a choppy story with very little structure and give it a backbone. In five sessions my story went from blah to on stage in front of an audience. He not only has sharp wit and a great sense of humour, but he also knows how to build and deliver a memorable story.
— Kira
Thank you for listening to my fairy tale story of love and loss of my beloved, whose birthday it was today.

It gave me the opportunity to express my feelings and now I will write him a birthday poem.
— R
THANK YOU and JOHN so much for your generosity of time and selves by facilitating our recent workshop and providing an informative, transformative, safe, comfortable and even entertaining platform for me to share in the experience and art of “Story Telling”.

You and John packed so much into our recent sessions that I feel, post-Tell, that we all walked away with “swag bags” (so to speak) of practical tools, as well as life lessons and for some, a big fat check mark for a bucket list entry. And meeting Miss Annette Bisquick was such a treat!

Thank you also to my fellow “Tellers” for allowing me to be vulnerable, while courageously being open and sharing of yourselves. It was fantastic to witness the evolution of the stories and tellers in just a few short weeks.

Awesome! Looking forward to connecting again soon.
— Annette
I am really enjoying the class. You are a real inspiration and very memorable teacher. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and stories. Your view of life and humor is priceless. Thanks!
— Joanne
Yesterday’s class was great; the best I’ve attended anywhere. In particular your ability to show one of the storytellers how well she could do without referring to her written speech - it was a great demonstration of wonderful teaching/learning moments. Thanks!
— David R